Bradford UK

Bradford is a city in England. It has a population of around 100,000 people. Bradford was once the largest wool town in the world and it still produces some of the finest wool in Europe today. The area around Bradford was first settled by the Romans back in 43AD. The name Bradford comes from ‘Bradeford’ meaning ‘Ford over the River Brade’ which refers to an old ford on one of two rivers that run through Bradford; this river was known as both ‘the Brade’ and ‘the Ouse’. When William I came to power he granted land at what is now called St Marys Abbey to his half brother Odo who founded a Benedictine monastery here which became known as St Marys Abbey or simply St Marys. This monastery later became part of York Minster and then into its present form during Henry VIII's reign when it became York Minster Cathedral York Castle. In 1535, during Edward VI's reign, Queen Jane Seymour had her son Edward VI christened here and so it remained until 1837 when it fell into disrepair due to lack of funds but was restored under Archbishop Templeton between 1859-1875 after which time it remained largely unchanged until 1972 when restoration work began again with funding from English Heritage and donations from local residents - This allowed much more extensive restoration work than had been done previously with much new glass being installed including stained glass windows made by John Piper & Sons Ltd based in Leeds - these were designed by Sir Charles Wheeler who had worked on many churches across Yorkshire including Beverley Minster where he created several stained glass windows depicting scenes from medieval times such as 'St George' fighting off dragons etc.. During this period most parts were restored however there were some areas that were not possible to restore due mainly because they are Victorian additions such as parts dating back to 1750-1780 such as the organ chamber above St Helen's Chapel (which dates back only up until 1830) . The church itself dates back further than any other building in England except Stonehenge!

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